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Oct 19, 2012 11:30am PDT
york the president stopped by the daily with jon stewart. there were lighter moments but stewart grilled the president on the administration's evolving story for the attack in libya. >> were weren't confused about the fact that four americans had been killed. i wasn't confused about the fact that we needed to ram up security around the world. >> reporter: -- in a poll president obama has a strong lead in two battleground states. in wisconsin the president leads romney by six points in iowa it is an eight point spread. sharp contrast to a daily tracking poll which puts romney ahead by seven points. both sides are keeping their schedules light today so they can prepare for the third and final debate monday. >>> remind third and final presidential debate is set for next monday. it will be held in florida. with a focus on foreign policy the debate starts 6 p.m. you can watch it live here. >>> meteorologist mike nicco is ahead with our forecast. >>> all those clouds, cooler conditions are on the way even rain as we head towards sunday night into monday i'll update you on our forecast.
Oct 26, 2012 9:00pm PDT
. >> what's this thing with trum trump. >> rally with katie perry on jon stewart. >> i am doing great. >> like this because that's where the money is obama campaign says the president is going where the voters are. such as inside edition. >> inedition really popular show. >> especially the young voters they need to win. the president also focuses on issues like student loan and contraception. the president in our latest poll is winning almost two-thirds of voters under 30 and he need them to turn out in droves. thus this from the first lady on jimmy kimmel. >> election day election day up and at them. >> actress lisa from girl taped this web video ad about your first time. >> you want to do it with a great guy. >> first time voting. that is. tv abc news. >> ♪ and music played in north canton, ohio tonight. that's where mitt romney and paul ryan are campaigning. romney needs ohio to win. of david muir with the key group that might help him get there. >> room any closing argument. one of the battle ground he need. >> i'm counting on iowa. >>reporter: today romney delivered the economic message
Oct 21, 2012 9:00pm PDT
came out like a flamethrower, strike out jon jay, beltran, craig in the first inning. set the tone. and vogelsong smacked one to short. he goes and can't handle the ball. brand belt scores on the error. and marco scutaro sends one to left. and chris carpenter. brandon to crawford and vogelsong scored. giants on top, 4-0. next batter. pablo sandoval. singles to center. that scores scutaro. vogelsong then went into high gear after the 5 point push sheen. one run, four hits, one walk and nine case. giants force game seven with a 6-1 victory. they have won five straight games facing a elimination. >> he was on top of his game again. he's had great stuff. he's locating,'s tough and had it going on again tonight. really was going in and out and had his good off-speed pitches going. he did everything he wanted to do to us. and we got trouble with him and he's made great pitches against us. we've made very little adjustments. he's not making any mistakes so it's a tough combination for us. >> 5:07 tomorrow first pitch. raiders are a work in progress. they seem to take a few steps forward a
Oct 12, 2012 9:00pm PDT
jon who runs video prussia house knows if the equipment still works. even so he's fortunate. the fire broke out before dawn in the the end of this restaurant unlike the names the nraims flames did not stop. lake it they began gobbling walls and kept going into the buildings on either side. in the wine bar next door a sad collection of smoke wine. above the or the done activist who treated neighborhood kids now needs another place to practice. his dad bought the building in 196 1966. >> i think apartment i treated 10 of them so i thank them all for showing up. >>reporter: good thing you did a good job. >>. >> you bet. >>reporter: they did do a good job. actually the words they used were good stop. loss of 3 buildings preferable to entire city block. in the westportal neighborhood of san francisco, wayne, abc 7 news. >>> spencer is here with what was kind of a gloomy day around the bay area. it's change. >> dramatically for the weeken weekend. here's a camera looking on the bay and san francisco. under skies that are mostly cloudy but there are some brake in the clouds right now and cle
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4